Tunbridge Wells in the sun

It was cold when four of us left the Golf club for the Sunday Steady but dry with sun forecast.. At Smallfield, we joined up with three more riders from Team Cake. We then headed out for Lingfield, Marsh Green, and the climb up to Mark Beech. Dave Gill was suffering from sciatica in his left leg and decided to head back to Caterham via Chiddingstone. The rest of us wound our way through the small lanes to climb up to Fordcombe. Fortunately Roger Hopkins chose a sunny interkude to pick up a puncture so the resy of us could bask in the unexpected warmth and discard a top layer. From Fordcombe, it is fast, mainly downhill ride to Tubridhe Wells and the Pantiles where we stopped for refreshemnt. 

The ride back took us along the main road; OK on a Sunday with a cycle lane along it as far as the turn off to Spedhurst. We then swooped down and crawled up the lanes until we reached Penshurst. From there it was a easy ride to Smallfield where I followed the Team Cake Sunday tradition of stopping at the Plough and Farrow for a beer before contining home.

No rain, glorious countryside, good companionship. Is their a better way to spend Sunday? (Yes! say various spouses).

Michael Ormerod

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Sunday Steady
The Pantiles