Ye’ll tak’ the high road……………………….

Well, we weren’t headed for Scotland, only to the 1809 café in Hildenborough, but a similar challenge was laid down.

Most of the group (wisely/sensibly) opted for the flattish route I proposed, but Nick and Matthew felt the urge to venture on a hillier route – one we had used for a G2 ride a year or so ago -  so set off separately intending to meet at the café at about the same time.

Our flatter route took us through Smallfield, Lingfield, Edenbridge looping down through Hever and Chiddingstone before returning to the direct road through Leigh to Hildenborough.

Nick and Matthew, veered off in Lingfield to go via Dormans, Cowden, Fordcombe and Speldhurst before rejoining the flatter route in Leigh.

At the 1809 we – the flattish route group -  had the cyclists’ room (they like to separate us from normal people) pretty much to ourselves and were well into our second portion of flapjacks or eggs benedict (another story!) when the hill-seekers arrived, missing out on our happy time photocall above.

Admittedly no one complained about spending another twenty minutes chatting before we all set off together for the really flat route back to the Golf Club.

About 54 miles for most, 56 or so for Nick and Matthew, all at a reasonable G2 pace.

……..and we’ll tak’ the low road, and we’ll be in Hildenborough a’fore ye.

(apologies to the Scots amongst you).




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Road Rides 27-10-18
G2 1809 Sep 29