A ride of two tea stops (for some)

Even though spring has arrived it was a slightly chilly start, as we a group of 8 headed  off on a nice 20 mile loop from wotton hatch along The Roughs and up onto Winterfold via the bridleways of Shere.

We enjoyed some excellent trail conditions and a new built section with some jumps etc as we headed across to a John Webb descent into Peaslake.

After appropriate refreshments we headeded off to our old faithful but extremely rewarding yoghurt pots and the now very fast 2 stream crossing trail down to the holmbury road.

Then the slog up to leith hill.... this section is where the phrase 'lead from the back' could be applied. On arrival at the top we found half the group looking very relaxed with mugs in hand enjoying a second tea stop.

Summer lightning was great as ever and we returned to wotton a happy group.


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