Easter Buebell trails

Easter Buebell trails

Today was not special just because it was the hottest day of the year so far and the bluebells were out but more significantly, the leadership of the ride was a great and successful team effort.
Spirits pretty good as some faces from the past joined out group (Colin) and we met up with Mark E. Intotal 11 headed out and within 30 mins we had passed through 3 bluebell woods, done some nice flcamelbahowing single track and were on our way to Life on Mars. Here the great british countryside did not dissapoint with bluebells as far as you could see as we headed along the now extended single track.

After tank slapper the group naturally split; one group doing and loop up and over Ranmore, the other lead by Sue going to out rendezvous at Bockets.

It great to be part of a group that supports each other, shares tips ie how to wash a : solve lifes problems i.e. how to remove a packets of tissues now blocking a washing machine filter after washing a camelbak  and finally address life mysteries - what makes the RR in the middle of a rolls royces wheels stay upright?

Overall a enjoyable ride, at least 6 bluebell woods and good company; conclusion, great way to spend Easter Saturday morning. A final note, the camelbak looked great and was in working order shame the same could not be said for the afore mentioned washing machine.


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