The Nut Cracker Ride!!!

It started Friday evening; I was just starting my second bottle of wine, as is my standard pre-Redhill ride preparation, when I got a message from the scheduled ride leader, Duncan, asking if I could lead the ride tomorrow. His car would not start, which was typical bad timing as he was just about to exchange it for a new one.

On gathering at the start point I was greeted with a look of horror on everyone’s faces after being informed that I was the new ride leader. We were slow to leave due to a late arrival, with a dubious excuse, blaming his newborn child.

We made it out the carpark with all pedals still attached this time and headed up to Holmbury hill. There we went down Barry Knows Best, with Jim showing the locals how it’s done over the log jump at the start.

Then we went up to Pitch Hill, via the brutal Gasson Farm Climb, to do Eric into 19th Hole, one of my favourites. From there to Captain Clunk where Nick had a disagreement with a slippery tree root. He was following me which was probably not his best decision.

After a tea stop at Peaslake we headed back up to HolmburyHill viewpoint to do Yoghurt Pots and another one of my favourites, Crackpipe, although Moji was not convinced.

Finally we finished on a new trail to me, Tredders Trail. After Jim showed me and Big Daddy his proline I ended up leading and feeling the pressure, however Big Daddy let me off the hook by kindly falling off.  He proclaimed he was fine but he did sound two octaves higher.

It was a very enjoyable first lead and thanks to everyone for their extensive directional input

Adam ( aka that’s not Duncan)

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Experienced Holmbury with Duncan M
That’s not Duncan!