It is important to stress that members ride at their own risk and must exercise their own judgement and common sense if they are undertaking group rides, having regard to their own safety, other road users, and infection risk. Members need to take personal responsibility and recognise the impact of their actions on others – if in doubt, don’t resume or take part in activity just yet.

(NEWCOMERS – Please use our Club Contact for more information about joining us at the moment).


You cannot enter shops and many coffee stops without. Plus our club’s reputation is at stake if you don’t!

Group Size

  • Ride groups are limited to a maximum of 6. NO MORE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This is to ensure we are fully compliant with Government safety stipulations and to protect the reputation of the Club.
  • If more than 6 people wish to ride in a Group, it must be split into two or more sub-groups so the maximum of 6 is not breached. And of course each group must ride completely separately even if they are following a similar route.
  • If you want to join an advertised ride please contact the ride leader to confirm. This will assist in splitting the group if necessary and will help with contact-tracing should a member of the group develop Covid-19 symptoms in the following days/weeks.

Ride Start Social Distance and Care

  • At the PSSC (our home base) Groups should keep separate and social distancing (>2m) must be adhered to. If other start locations are used they must be suitable for ample car parking and social distancing. Please try to stagger start times... use Piota and head out at 8am, 8.30am, 9.15am etc if you can. When leaving the PSSC (or other start point) do so in the separate groups to avoid a mass departure.

While riding

  • Social distancing is paramount for our and others health. We should use the >2 metre rule at all times.
  • This means groups should ride single-file as side-by-side riding will not allow the necessary spacing. Keep at least one wheel-length between bikes.
  • If moving to the front, give those you pass at least 2m berth.
  • When stopping at traffic lights, junctions etc., avoid bunching closer than 2m from others.
  • When passing pedestrians or other riders the 2m gap must be maintained.

Tea/Coffee Stops

  • If included in a ride, a teastop must have adequate outdoor space for the group to socially distance from ourselves and all the other cyclists. It is better not to stop if it is too crowded.
  • On the assumption that we may not / cannot stop at a café, you should always carry adequate fuel and water for the ride yourself. Note even at a café you may not get a water refill.


  • Make sure you have all the tools and spares you need to be self-sufficient. 2 inner tubes, tyre levers, pump, multi-tool, a chain tool and connector link. I.e. what we should be doing on all club rides. If a repair is necessary, you must use your own tools and spares.
  • Carry a mask!

And most important of all

  • And if you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms, have had COVID-19 in recent weeks or have been in contact with anyone whose has, please don’t come!