Saturday, December 3, 2011 - 10:00

G-zero ride for Members and kids - 25m - 03-12-11


Adrian Webb


This is the fortnightly ride for members who are parents and their children. Starting at 10am from Woodhatch Park we will ride out to Leigh, Charlwood, Rusper, Tanhouse Farm for a cuppa and cake, then back via Newdigate, Leigh and Flanchford Road.

This is for kids who are capable of riding a 25 mile distance with one or two shallow hills at a speed of 11 - 14 mph average. No one will be left behind and stronger kids will be organised with parents to 'chase down' the main group to stretch their legs if required. 

All kids MUST have a parent or guardian with them, this is not a creche but an accompanied club ride to help them learn about bunch riding.

If it is raining heavily at the start, the ride will NOT take place. Otherwise, gather at Woodhatch Park from 9.50am to sign in.

If anyone has problems or questions on the day, call my mobile 077l 862 8723 from 9.45am.




Woodhatch Park