Off-Road - Info

Off road riding with Redhill CC.

Riding with a group adds an extra dimension of enjoyment to any ride, even more so when the ride is organised by an experienced leader who knows the trails and has put together an interesting route.

Redhill Cycling Club was established in 1945 and has been organising MTB rides throughout the year since 2000, during which time the number of participants has grown. The rides are designed to cater for off road cyclists who have a degree of MTB experience but who are perhaps looking to improve upon their fitness and technical ability.

Each ride has a Ride Leader and a Back Marker , for larger groups there are middle markers who help to keep the group together. Generally there are between 10 - 25 riders. The rides are not ‘races’ and riders should not needlessly be place in hazardous situations. The aim to make each ride enjoyable with a sense of achievement.

Saturday Rides throughout the year start at 9.30am from a range of locations. Check the Future Rides page and click on Off Road Rides for details. The aim is to cover about 20 miles, which includes a tea stop, and return to the start point between 12pm and 1pm.

Wednesday evening rides in the summer start at 6:30pm and finish between 8.30pm and 9pm. It is advisable to bring some lights in case there is a delay in finishing or for ride home afterwards. They are a good way to wind down from a day’s work and are usually a slightly faster pace than the Saturday rides. Having said that, no one will be left behind.