Club TT Records

For a link to the full list of records - including many obscure point-to-point, tandem and women's records lost in time - but inspiring nevertheless - please CLICK HERE

Mens Time Trialling

DistanceRecord HolderRecordDateCourse
10 milesMatt Peel0:19:3830th July 2017V718
25 milesMatt Peel0:49:545th July 2017P885/25
50 milesMatt Peel1:43:4915th July 2017E2/50
100 milesRupert Burbidge3:55:0024th July 2011G100/60
12 hoursKen Stokes248 miles 451 yards1967?

Ladies Time Trialling

DistanceRecord HolderRecordDateCourse
10 milesMichelle Arthurs24:4831st July 2013H10/8
25 milesMichelle Arthurs1:00:3510 August 2013A25/11
50 milesMichelle Arthurs2:12:4722 June 2013R50/1B
100 milesOlive House4:40:261956?
12 hoursVera Crowe205.186m1955?

Previous Records

DistanceRecord HolderRecordDateCourse
10 milesRupert Burbidge0:20:022011


25 milesChris Herbert Main50:012015E2/25
50 milesRupert Burbidge1:51:1930th August 2009P885/50
100 milesPeter Main4:03:321999 
Women's 25Brenda Reed1:05:461996 
Women's 50Olive House2:14:371956?