Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 20:00

Turbo Session 08-01-13


Adrian Webb


The first turbo session of the year and a real 'must do' for those heading to Mallorca in March!

The session will be based on one of the best Sufferfest sessions of the series, the Downward Spiral. See below for details...

Sessions are £2 to cover room hire. There is a big and effective fan but you're welcome to bring your own.  If you want a spin bike because you don't have a turbo or can't bring one, please let Adrian know in advance (there are usually two available).

Bring bike, turbo, towel, lots of fluids, drip mat pref and a smile.

Arrive time from 8pm, starting 8.15-8.20pm depending on numbers. The session runs for an hour.

Sufferfest details


How long: 60 minutes
What it’s about: Maximum intensity intervals that gradually decrease in duration
Best for: Increasing ability to make repeated, maximum intensity efforts
This is the only cycling workout that asks you to stay with Tom Boonen during his solo breakaway in Paris-Roubaix or out-sprint the pack at the top of the Mur de Huy at the end of the Fleche Wallone. This officially licensed footage from the ASO is all packaged around a 60 minute structured interval workout with 16+ flat-out power intervals.

10:00 warm-up featuring both MTB and criterium racing
First descending-interval set (with Paris-Roubaix footage)
2:00 interval / 2:00 recovery
1:45 interval / 1:45 recovery
1:30 interval / 1:30 recovery
1:15 interval / 1:15 recovery
1:00 interval / 1:00 recovery
:45 interval / :45 recovery
:30 interval / :30 recovery
:15 interval
5:00 recovery
Repeat of descending-interval set (Same structure as first set, but this time with Fleche-Wallone footage – and with a small surprise ‘bonus’ at the end).
4:00 warm-down, featuring the Zurich Bicycle Film Festival entry by Gorilla Bicycles.


YMCA Redhill