Saturday, 4 December 2010


By Gareth Ashton
Friday, December 10, 2010 - 01:34
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John led the main RCC ride from Rykas car park to Bocketts farm, and on getting back well ahead of time a few of us did an extra extension loop to Box Hill up the Zig-Zag road and back down again via Little Switzerland.

All the trails were covered in snow and made for very slippery riding conditions testing everyones bike skills to the limits.

The ascent up the Zig Zags was icey but ridable, and lightened by James' attempts to hitch a lift up the hill on the back of a sledge (see photo).

We had a quick stop at the top to help rescue a car stuck in the ice and admire the views from the look-out point, and then headed back down again via Little Switzerland.

The going was very slippery and required full concentration to keep the bike going in the right direction. About half-way down the track we stopped for a rest and built a giant snowball that got so big it broke into two and made a perfectly sized snow-podium (see photo).

Snowball fights followed - video at together with more pictures.

Upon reaching the bottom of the hill James lost his bike and found a new one instead, but a little too small and pink for his liking (see photo).

A great ride and well worth the extra effort.

Gareth Ashton