Saturday, 17 September 2011

And now for something different...

Did someone say puncture ?
By Mark Edwards
Monday, September 19, 2011 - 11:52
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Seven of us set out early from Reigate Hill to meet up with the main group at Rykas where numbers swelled to 26. So with a good turn out, i decided to do something a bit different. We headed up through Denbies and over to the far side of ranmore for a play in the freeride area. Quite a few had a go at some of the more demanding runs, starting with Abba Zabba, Blind Terror 1 & 2 and onto Numbskull. The easy option chicken runs were even quite demanding for a few, so i hope everyone tried at least one run outside their comfort zone. The Tea stop was in Shere but with the bread shop out of cakes and milk (!) most ended up in the Lucky Duck, with their wallets much thinner for it. Here the group split, with Dave taken those who wanted a more direct route back to Rykas, the rest of us headed up Shere Hell, past the spooky Sawmill and back up to Ranmore. Fast along the flinty track behind Polesden lacey, we descended towards Boxhill through Norbury park, finally arriving back at Rykas. The early stalwarts continued on to Reigate Hill for a well earned cup of tea and a lovely pair of cupcakes ;-) Special mention to first time rider with the club James who showed a high level of skill & fitness and would be a welcome addition to the club. Mark