Saturday, 23 March 2013

Misery loves company. And tea. And cake. Lots of cake.

20130323 - Speed blur
By Mat Swan
Saturday, March 23, 2013 - 17:02
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I believe the weather could appropriately be described as 'grim' on Reigate Hill this morning.


It wasn't cold enough for the mud to freeze or the snow to settle properly nor warm enough to save your toes, but it was very wet underfoot and very very grey. Then there was the little voice whispering "surely it would be a good idea to sit inside. Surely there is something good on TV?" In spite of all of the above and a last minute reorganisation to Reigate Hill, there were still six of us ready to go and try and make the best of it.


From the off, it was pretty clear it was not going to one of those carefree 'falling off all the time and it not hurting' snow rides- constrant spray from deep puddles of freezing water chilled the legs and the mud and snow allied to resist any attempts at finding grip. Still, the hills don't move when it snows so there were fun downhills available to remind you why you were out, with Life on Mars and Alsation in-particular leading to a few bit-too-slippery moments.


Tea at Bocketts was most welcome, the staff long suffering as ever when we traipsed in dripping muddy water. The gift of a mop in club colours was suggested! On the ride back we had our only puncture, and with some feet starting to freeze solid we sent them on ahead to try and prevent frostbite setting in. As far as I know (!) everyone made it back safely, and you know what? It was still better than spending the morning in front of the TV!