Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ladies Day at Horne

Ladies at Horne
By maurice
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 23:06
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Tonights club TT had the highest female attendance in living memory with no fewer than 6 women competing.

Conditions were fast with every rider improving on last weeks time. Brian Hennessey won the scratch competition aboard his TT machine with a 20:55, the nearest Redhill rider Matt Peel a whisker back with 21:08.

Scratch Result  
RiderTimeScratch Pos
Brian Hennessey00:20:551
Matt Peel00:21:082
Nick Davy00:21:193
Steven Bryant00:22:034
Kieran Barber00:22:135
Geoff Clifton00:22:256
Nick Brookes00:22:357
Paul Dewey00:22:418
Michelle Arthurs00:23:039
Nathan Chamberlain00:23:2210
Roland Kusay 00:24:0411
Stuart Metcalfe00:24:2312
Freddie Davy00:24:5313
Fiona Brookes00:25:1414
Rick Gregory00:25:2515
Kimberley Anderson00:26:4116
Robert Stephenson00:26:5517
Annie Rebindaine00:26:5818
Nick Curran00:27:0819
Agata Kapuspimska00:29:2720
Cynthia Hennessey00:30:0721


In the handicap competition Michelle Arthurs took the win with a 75 second improvement over last week, closely followed by Cynthia Hennessey.

Handicap Result   
RiderTimeHandicap diffHandicap Pos
Michelle Arthurs00:23:0300:01:151
Cynthia Hennessey00:30:0700:01:042
Geoff Clifton00:22:2500:00:573
Robert Stephenson00:26:5500:00:573
Matt Peel00:21:0800:00:465
Brian Hennessey00:20:5500:00:436
Roland Kusay 00:24:0400:00:257
Paul Dewey00:22:4100:00:198
Stuart Metcalfe00:24:2300:00:179
Steven Bryant00:22:0300:00:1510
Rick Gregory00:25:2500:00:1011


Michelle Arthurs also took the win in the womens category, followed by FIona Brookes.

Womens Result  
Michelle Arthurs00:23:031
Fiona Brookes00:25:142
Kimberley Anderson00:26:413
Annie Rebindaine00:26:584
Agata Kapuspimska00:29:275
Cynthia Hennessey00:30:076


Brian Hennessey again reigned supreme in the vets, with Nick Davy breathing down his neck..

Vet Result    
RiderTimeVet StdVet TimeV Pos
Brian Hennessey00:20:5500:23:2100:02:261
Nick Davy00:21:1900:23:2900:02:102
Geoff Clifton00:22:2500:23:5000:01:253
Steven Bryant00:22:0300:23:0100:00:584
Nick Brookes00:22:3500:23:3300:00:584
Stuart Metcalfe00:24:2300:25:2000:00:576
Fiona Brookes00:25:1400:25:13-00:00:017
Nathan Chamberlain00:23:2200:23:17-00:00:058
Rick Gregory00:25:2500:24:55-00:00:309
Robert Stephenson00:26:5500:26:13-00:00:4210
Roland Kusay 00:24:0400:23:17-00:00:4711
Nick Curran00:27:0800:23:29-00:03:3912
Cynthia Hennessey00:30:0700:25:30-00:04:3713


Kieran Barber took the win in the road bike category with a good margin, with Roland Kusay following him in.

Road Result  
RiderTimeRoad Pos
Kieran Barber00:22:131
Roland Kusay 00:24:042
Freddie Davy00:24:533
Fiona Brookes00:25:144
Kimberley Anderson00:26:415
Robert Stephenson00:26:556
Nick Curran00:27:087
Cynthia Hennessey00:30:078


As the sole 12 - 15 member brave enough to step up to the plate, Freddie Davy took the win in this category by default, however an impressive time of 24:53 enough to beat many experienced roadies.


Non-members as follows:-

Phil HeadenESRC00:24:47
Chris BatchNP00:20:57
Roger LockeyPrivate00:26:54