Sunday, 14 September 2014

Warm welcome at the Little Cottage.

Lewes 14-09-2014
By Michael Ormerod
Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 11:37
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Twelve riders gathered at the Drome, four of them guests from the Team Cake group, three of whom have now applied for membership of RCC.

The route out took in Turners Hill, Sharpthorne, Wych Cross, Chelwood Gate, Nutley and Isfield. At Glynde, I noticed that the Little Cottage was open earlier than usual. We were warmly welcomed in. The bikes were taken round the back to the garden where we enjoyed cream teas, bacon, egg and suasage muffins, etc. all fresco.

The drawback of a stop in Glynde is the long climb immediately afterwards which took us onto the cycle path leading into Lewes. From there, we rode through the lanes to Wivesfield and then skirted Haywards Heath to pick up the lumpiest section of the route, past Borde Hill and the long climb up from the valley under the railway viaduct. The descent to and the ascent from the Balcombe Resevoir completed the day's climbing.

70+ miles, 4500 ft of climbimg, average speed about 14.4 mph, good company, excellent tea stop; in other words, a typical Sunday Steady!

Mike Ormerod