Saturday, 11 October 2014

“…as long as we’re together….”

The calm before the storm
By Rick Gregory
Sunday, October 12, 2014 - 11:03
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Now, there’s to be no mention of the weather and weather forecasting and all that stuff in this report! 

Six folk put their hands up for the G2, newcomer Lisa, supported by Phil from the G4s, Michelle, Roger, Jill and Rob as we headed off to the (Wild) West (Show).



Standard way out to Capel  and Ockley, passed first by the G(some number greater than 4)s by the hospital and then the G3s in Newdigate (what took  them so long?) and on to Forest Green where we paused for some wardrobe adjustments (not weather related of course). Turned down N Breache Lane for an interesting change, albeit which necessitated some caution. Then Somersbury  Lane down through Ellens Green to Rudgwick, the Brickworks and the Milk Churn for tea.


We had a lovely, super long chat at the Milk Churn, some folk fuelled by their excellent cheese on toast. But, perhaps a little too long because…..oops, nearly mentioned the "W" word.

We didn’t see any elephants and kangaroos or indeed any other animals with extra- ordinary features, but you can’t have everything on a G2 ride.


A fairly speedy return via Furzen Lane, (pausing briefly to admire the spreading branches of the old chestnut tree on Ellens Green), Walliswood and Mole Street cheerfully whistling a catchy Butch and Sundance song (possibly quite relevant, but we won’t discuss that).


And so back to the ‘drome.  46 miles at a good G2 pace.


Well done Lisa, excellent first club ride.


Thanks to Roger for back marking and to the entire group for tolerating the,  ……….nearly said a "W" word ...…..erm, the vagaries of the ride.


I had a lovely time……”…..never mind the weather………”.Oops!