Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Weir wins handicap

Matt Peel - Sporting
By maurice
Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 22:45
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William Weir took the handicap win on another pleasant sunny evening, full of RCC riders racing around quiet country lanes.


Billy recorded a 24:12, taking 27 seconds off his time from last week. Hot on his heels was Will Henton, who is rumoured to be using some dubious tactics in his quest for another handicap championship.


Matt Peel took the RCC scratch win again with a 20:22, 10 seconds off his PB set last week but a comfortable margin ahead of his nearest RCC rival Roly Kitson on 21:44.


Matt was chasing a couple of quick guests, Keith Lea of Paceline RT notably finishing within 7 seconds of Ben Instone's 5-year-old course record with a 19:10.


Guest rider Sofia riding her first time trial on a borrowed cycle showed no fear to get round with a respectable 31:52, proof you don't even need to own a road bike to have a go! (if you can borrow one)


The event suffered a slight delay due to an untimely RTA involving a van and other vehicle on the last corner. Fortunuately the drivers were ok and van able to be moved out of harms way.


Thanks to Jonny Bradbourne for time keeping, Francis and Stuart for help with signs.



 18 Keith Lea19:10.18
 16 Brindley Taylor19:16.83
 12 Matt Peel20:22.61
 4 Joshua Haasz20:37.06
 20 Chris Batch20:56.14
 23 James Ryan21:38.10
 8 Roly Kitson21:44.65
 19 Maurice Brennan22:05.66
 5 Will Henton22:30.89
 3 Stuart Bunt22:56.56
 10 Nathan Chamberlain23:09.07
 22 Kieran Barber23:09.82
 7 Stephen Fortune23:09.95
 11 Steve Bryant23:15.06
 21 Geoff Clifton23:46.10
 14 William Weir24:12.75
 17 Simon Andrews24:50.92
 6 Duncan Jones25:18.99
 4 Gemma Hayes25:19.64
 9 Clive Hart25:41.14
 13 Dave Willsher25:45.64
 1 Rick Gregory26:09.04
 2 Sofia Kiraszhiyska31:52.55