Saturday, 13 August 2016

Brighton little dog

Brighton little dog
By Rick Gregory
Sunday, August 14, 2016 - 20:38
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On the weekend of the Mtb Brighton Big Dog us roadies decided on our very own, ahem, little dog. 10 of us set off from the drome at 8:30ish, Wozza having to set himself and his bike up appeared to take time. We met Alex enroute at Turners Hill to make 11 and set off on the lovely long stretch of the B2028 through Ardingly and onto Wivelsfield, a good pace was set by Stuart N and John.   Ditching Beacon was up next and we all climbed well especially Dave B and Gina. A quick photo and onto the Regency cafe with its new neighbour the BA i360 or to some the Lollipop. Then with a slight tailwind we set off through Saddlescombe and Warninglid then whittled down to 6 and under Dave T's guidance turned off at Lambs Green and back to the drome for a reward of cake washed down with coffee, cold drinks and beer for some. Great weather and company for our little dog trip of 73 miles. Bryan

(posted for Bryan Strapp)