Saturday, 22 July 2017

Eight Commons

By Jim Jones
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 17:22
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Eight Commons.



After leaving the meeting point of the church at Shackleford we passed though Eashing and the outskirts of Milford on our way to visit the commons of South Surrey. First up was Witley Common followed by Ockley Common and Thursley Common. Having experienced the tingling sensation from brushing nettles on overgrown paths and sections of very sandy paths  we came to the climb up though the Devils Punchbowl to the NT cafe.

By this time we had had a dose of rain,with an attitude rarely seen outside Wales.

We descended though Hindhead Common down the stony gullies which were by now running with streams from the persistant rain.

Around the training ground on the ridge to arrive at Hankley common and within the trees we came across the 'Atlantic wall'.

This is a large concrete structure built by the Canadians in WW2 (see picture).

After the excitement of this discovery subsided we continued the commons exploration taking in Tilford Common, Crocksbury Common and Puttenham Common to return to Shackleford (no common, only a Heath).


It was a good ride and many thanks to Fran for leading.