Sunday, 17 September 2017

Elephants and all that jazz

Trading Boundaries 2017
By Michael Ormerod
Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 10:57
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At the Drome, we decided on a new route and tea stop. I led from my usual position (aka WW! general, well behind thr front). Charl and Roger waited for me at regular intervals as I was the one that knew the route. From Turners Hill, through Ardingley to Lindifield we overlapped a London to Brighton Charity Ride; overtaking lots of overweight cyclists did my morale a world of good. Through Mascalls and along Ketches Lane took us to our detination on the jumction with A275.

Trading Boundaries specialises is Indian furniture and also has a large restaurant plus jazz on Sunday lunchtime (Ela plays Ella when we were there). In view of the forecast heavy rain for later afternoon, we had to leave Ela/Ella and head home via Nutley, Chelwood Gate, Wych's Cross where we turned left. Straight on at the next crowwroads took us to Weirwood Reservoir. I had forgotten how steep the climb was from there through to East Grinstead with its queues of cars as usual. We then turned up to Lingfield and home.

55 miles: 3300 feet of ascent; Average speed: don't ask!

Mike Ormerod