Saturday, 14 July 2018

Punctures, lost water bottles but we might have found Daley Thompson!

G5 at Stan's Bike Shack
By Peter Farnfield
Saturday, July 14, 2018 - 17:42
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On another glorious summer's morning a perectly formed G5 comprising Andy, Stuart, Clive, Geoff, Chris, Richard, Howard and yours truly set off for Stan's Bike Shack. Routing was my responsibility so I decided to try the little ridden Norwood Hill from Sidlow and take in the newly tarmacced road to the Fox Revived. It's the best bit of road around these days and a joy to cycle. We carried straight on to Stans Hill and then Partridge Lane and Rusper but Clive punctured and he had to change it twice before we could carry on. I'd normally turn right to Warnham but decided to carry straight on to the Rusper roundabout on the dual carriageway. A word of warning though. When you hit the steepest part of the descent there is a patch of spilled concrete in the middle of the road and then a bit further on gravel. We were flying down having passed a group of Crwley Wheelers and crossing the gravel was a buttock clenching moment! And then further along the dual carriageway Geoff got his puncture. 

By the time we'd regrouped I'd used the inbuilt route plotter to take us to Maplehurst. Fully automatic. Interesting routing option, taking us along footpaths, over th golf course and through a country park all on gravel paths. Some were not happy. At least it wasn't a walk in the park. From this slow restart we proceeded through the back streets of Horsham and onto Copsale by a number of new lanes. Thereafter we pushed onto Stan's where I enjoyed a slice of freshly baked fruit cake to die for. 

It was as were sitting in the sun that a chap inrtoducing himself as Gary asked if we'd liked to ride with Daley Thompson.  Well not wanting to turn that down we said yes. Turns out that said DT is involved along with Sally Gunnell and Paula Radcliffe in a new cylcing nutrient product being launched next year. To gain publicity they are offering clubs the chance to ride with these great stars so watch for furthe news on that front. 

A mile or two down the road Stuart realised that he'd left his bottles behind and despite waiting for him we didn't see him again! Hope you're OK Stuart. We did try not to drop you. Return jouirney was via Cowfold, Picts Lane, Warninglid and Slaugham picking up the long drag from the hammerponds to return home via Tower Road and Faygate. A great day out and thanks all round for making it so.